Bldg-9138, Road-4104, Block-941
Riffa Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain


Holy Communion Service at 07:30 AM on Saturday

A tiresome treading of 50 years with eventful gathering and the blessings of the Lord almighty that has shown "The Bahrain Mar Thoma Parish" rise up in stature and strength. Vibrant and tireless efforts taken up by the parish members all throughout the past 48 years along with the abundant blessings and affectionate pastorship offered by several Bishops and clerics has been the strong foundation that we stand upon today.

Ever since the year 1952, the contribution offered towards us as a community by the enthusiasm and zeal of efficient clergies has been the source of our spiritual growth. Further more we cannot forget the stewardship and ministry enjoyed by the parish through the visits of Bishops and evangelists, which has also helped us immensely.

In the year of 1962, the then Mar Thoma members living in Bahrain formed a prayer group. That was the seed sown towards what we see today as a fully functional and active Parish. The year after, in 1963, this prayer group was raised to the status of Bahrain Mar Thoma Parish. Rev. M O Oommen, who was the resident vicar of Kuwait parish, was also given the responsibilities to lead the members of Bahrain parish until the year 1966. Rev. D. Alexander the vicar of Kuwait parish was holding charge of the affairs of Bahrain Parish also from the year 1969.

Bahrain Mar Thoma Parish had its first resident Vicar, Rev. K S Varghese in the year 1969. There after there have been several Clergies who nurtured our parish in there respective three-year tenure until April' 2007 are: - Rev. K.M.Varghese, Rev. George Zachariah P, Rev. I.C. Philip, Rev. Joseph M. Joseph, Rev. M. Skariah Abraham, Rev. T. K. Mathew, Rev. T. T. Thomas, Rev. Abraham Samuel, Rev. K N John, Rev. Sabu George, Rev. Mathews Chandy, Rev. Mathew Zachariah and Rev. Chacko Thomas. In the year 1988 we had celebrated the SILVER JUBLIEE of our Parish.