St. Mary's Syro Malankara Catholic Mission

Dubln, Ireland


Liscarne Close,Rowlagh
Church Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary
Clondalkin Dubln, Ireland

The Church “a people brought into unity in the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,” is an extension of the Mystery of the Incarnation and of the Kingdom of God inaugurated by Jesus Christ on earth and brought about by the mission given to the Apostles (Mt 28:18­-20), for proclaiming and establishing, among all peoples, the Kingdom of God. While she slowly grows to maturity, the Church longs for the completed Kingdom. The Church through her presence and mission in the world continues this sanctifying ministry which Her Master initiated.

The community of Syro Malankara Catholics in Ireland is formally started on 25 February, 2010 by Rev. Fr. Daniel Kulangara (Chaplain to Syro Malankara Communities in U.K) and its has been named as 'St. Mary's Syro Malankara Catholic Mission, Ireland'.

The community is organizing regular Holy Mass ( Syro Malankara Rite ) and other liturgical services in Malayalam language under the guidance and support from Arch Diocese of Dublin.

Rev. Fr. Abraham Pathackal George is appointed as the Chaplain to Syro Malankara Community in Ireland (St. Mary's Syro Malankara Catholic Mission, Ireland) by H.E Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

The liturgical services are celebrated at below church with the support of the Parish of Rowlagh:-