Thiukalyana Matha Shrine Parish


Tamil Nadu, India


Tuticorin Dt
Pothakalanvizhai Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday Mass – Timings : 6:30 a.m;
First Saturday : 11.00 a.m, Evening 6:30
Weekdays : 5.30 a.m

It seems already in 1590 a few people from the sea coast who came for vending fish, found out that Pothakalanvilai was their place of origin and they settled at Pothakalanvilai in 1592. Since they were already Christians, their way of worship and life attracted the other people of Pothakalanvilai. A few migrant malabar catholics also joined with this group of catholics and started converting the people of Pothakalanvilai. They put up a small thatched Church. In 1623 they constructed a stone walled chuch. On 21.06.1727 this Church was dedicated to St. Aloysius of Conzaga. In 1835 a Church dedicated to Our Lady of Ransom was built just behind the already existing Church of St. Aloysius.

According to the Mission Catalogue of 1914, Pothakalanvilai was one of the 9 substations of Sokkankudiyiruppu. In 1935 Pothakalanvilai was made into a separate parish and Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Bangaru was the first Parish Priest. Already on 23rd January 1924 a foundation stone had been laid by Bishop Tiburtius Roche for a new Church. After 14 years Rev. Fr. Mascarenhas put up the foundation structure of the Church. In 1994 Rev. Fr. Mascarenhas rededicated the Church to Our Lady of Marriage.

Through the strenuous efforts of Rev. Frs. M.S. Antony, Lourdumani and Maria Kagoo the Church building took shape and was blessed by Bishop Thomas Fernando on 23.01.1971. Rev. Fr. Rajareegam plastered the outside of the Church walls. The belfry was built by Rev. Fr. A.J. Rex (1991 – 1994). The Church mandapam was built by Rev. Fr. Xavier Arulraj and it was blessed on 22nd January 1996. Rev. Fr. A.J. Rex built the presbytery and it was blessed by Bishop Amalnather on 11.07.1993. Rev. Fr. M. Irudayaraja (1999-2004) built the first floor of the presbytery.