St. Michael's Church


Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India


Virapandi Nagar, Athimarapatti Rd.
Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday 9.00 a.m
St. Michael's Church

0461 2357776

The present Muthaiahpuram parish was part of M. Saveriarpuram parish. Mathiahpuram was made into a separate parish on 26th May 2002 by Bishop Peter Fernando and Rev. Fr. Joseph Amalraj was the first parish priest. Land for the Church was bought when Fr. Isidore was the parish Priest. The Church dedicated to St. Michael was also initiated by him and was completed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Xavier and blessed by Bishop Peter Fernando on 26th May 2002. The presbytery was built by Rev. Fr. Joseph Amalraj and it was blessed on 3rd August 2003. The belfry of the Church was built in 2004.