St.George's Cathedral CSI Church

Church of South India - CSI

Tamil Nadu, India


Plot No-224, near India Educational Foundation
Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

St. George’s Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of the Church of South India, Diocese of Madras. The Cathedral is placed in the centre of the city of Chennai and is a grand building with the steeple reaching the skies as if looking up to God in prayer for the city of Chennai and the whole world. invest in cryptocurrency

The entire cathedral campus is filled with prayer and it is a ‘House of Prayer’ to all people. The Cathedral is kept open from 6am to 6 pm to enable people seeking a comfort and silence could come and surrender them to God in a place so filled with prayer.

The Congregation worshipping at the Cathedral is a vibrant community of believers from all over India and there are some from different parts of the world as well. Anyone visiting the Cathedral will be spellbound by its grandeur and spirituality. The members have a wide range of involvement in the community and the Cathedral empowers

The Cathedral community is also a community in mission, being the mother church of the Diocese of Madras the Cathedral supports other congregations especially participates in the life and growth of the rural communities and congregations and the Diocesan institutions.

The Cathedral has a unique place in the history of the church; the inauguration of the united Church of South India took place here on the 27th September 1947. The cathedral therefore stands tall as a major landmark in church union and ecumenism.