Kanyakumari Dt.
Azhagappapuram Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday Mass – Timings : 5.00a.m.; & 7 a.m.
Weekdays : 5.00 a.m, 6.00 a.m
St. Antony's Church

04652 267143

From the Mission diary of Madurai Mission we come to know that the people of Azhagappapuram could have embraced Christianity between 1700 to 1740. Around 1910 Azhagappapuram was one of the substations of Kootapuly. Prior to that priests from Vadakkankulam had taken care of the spiritual needs of the people.

Around 1850 – 1860 a Church was built at Azhagappapuram. The Jesuit priest Rev. Fr. Causanal arranged for the reservation of Blessed Sacrament at Azhagappapuram. On 1st of July 1921 Azhagappapuram was made a separate parish. The new Church of Azhagappapuram was built and completed due to the strenuous efforts of Rev. Frs. Stanislaus Pandian, M.S. Antony, John Xavier and Maria Gnanam. One of the former Vicars General of the diocese Msgr. Mariadas hails from this parish.