Shalom A.G. Church Rasipuram

Assembly of God

Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu, India


V. Nager
Rasipuram Tamil Nadu, India


5 am, 7.00 am, 8.45 am, 10.30am and 12:15pm ; 6.00 pm (TAMIL)
6.30 am, 8.15 am,10.00 am, 11.45 am and 4.30 pm (ENGLISH)

On 1987, March 10, Our Senoir Pastor Rev. C. RaviJohnson had completed his Bible College Studies and came to Rasipuram for Ministry. At that time, this place was like a missionary field with people worshipping idols, under slavery to man, illiterate and unheard about JESUS(GOSPEL). Our Pastor wandered for 28 days to search a rented house in Rasipuram, to stay and do the ministry of God. At last he got an old and small rented house. After fasted and prayed for several days and according to scripture, the name Shalom( Shalom A.G Church) was given. After 6 months he got a rented house in TVS street. The baseline was drawn with 10 members who joined to worship JESUS. On 1988, he was married to Mrs. Sheela Johnson. From that time, they started distributing tracts and preaching Gospel in every streets and villages. The circumstance was with strong opposition and water scarcity but the Ministry survived. The land for A.G church which is in Pudupalayam Road was bought on 1989.

At first, the worship was started in a small shed at that place. On 1993, a small church was built and opened. After that the branch ministries were started in