Our Lady of Snows Shrine


Kallikulam, Tamil Nadu, India


Tirunelveli Dt.
Kallikulam Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday Mass – Timings : 5 a.m. & 7 a.m.; 6.30 P.m
Our Lady of Snows Shrine

04637 - 235252

Mr. Savarimuthu of Kavalkinaru embraced Christianity at Vadakkankulam and got settled at T. Kallikulam together with his son Soosai Nadar. They put up a thatched chapel. In 1833 during the time of Rev. Frs. Martin and Moset the thatched Church was enlarged. T. Kallikulam was a substation of Anaikarai. Rev. Fr. Delby on his way from Anaikarai to Vadakkankulam used to stop at T. Kallikulam and became friendly with the Hindu Nadars who eventually became Catholics. On 25th December 1865 he planted a cross on the hillock near by.

People wanted to build a spacious Church. In 1884 the people put in their labour to build the Church. It is said that on 23rd March 1939 Our Lady of Snows made an apparition to 6 chidlren on the hillock of apparition. The grotto that was built on the site of the apparition was blessed by Bishop Tiburtius Roche. The presbytery at T. Kallikulam is 115 years old.