Our Lady of Ransom


Thailapuram, Tamil Nadu, India


Tirunelveli Dt.
Thailapuram Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday Mass – Timings : 5.30 a.m.; 7.00 a.m; 7.30 p.m
Weekdays : 5.30 a.m
Our Lady of Ransom

04639 277322

Thailapuram was originally one of the substations of Pragasapuram Parish and a Church was built 120 years ago. In 1986 the Church was extended and renovated by Rev. Frs. Arthur James. In view of making it a separate parish, Rev. Fr. Edward was given independent charge of this substation in 1988. Thailapuram was made into a separate parish and Rev. Fr. Rex Lumine was the first parish priest of Thailapuram The major portion of the Church was completed by Rev. Fr. Rex Lumin and was blessed by Bishop S.T. Amalnather on 1st Mary 1992. Rev. Fr. Rex Lumin also put up the presbytery which was blessed on 30th December 1993 by Bishop S.T. Amalnather.

On the 12th October 1951 the statue Our Lady of Fatima was brought to Thailapuram and in 1952 a grotto was built in memory of the arrival of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to Thailapuram and the grotto was blessed by Bishop Tiburtius Roche.