Thalamuthu Nagar
Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu, India

Madu Matha Church

0461- 2360551

On 14, June 1984 Thalamuthunagar was separated from Innaciarpuram, and was made a new parish. Rev. Fr. Tiburtius became the first parish priest of Thalamuthunagar. Thalamuthunagar had Alangarathattu, Arockiapuram, Matha Nagar, Rajapalayam, T. Savariarpuram, Siluvaipatti as its own substations.

The people of the parish are new settlers who had migrated from various villages in search of jobs. In 1983, a sizable number of repatriates from Sri Lanka also were settled at Thalamuthunagar. Mr. Soosai Michael and Mr. Thomas who had been in Sri Lanka had brought the statue of our Lady of Madu Rosary from Sri Lanka, and kept the statue at the house of Mr. Thomas. Rev. Fr. Tiburtius who had first put up a thatched Church in the 3 cent Government land, placed the statue in that chapel.

Rev. Fr. Antony Robert built a new spacious Church as well as the presbytery during his period as parish Priest..