Immaculate Heart of Mary


Sathankulam, Tamil Nadu, India


Tuticorin Dt.
Sathankulam Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday Mass – Timings : 5.00 a.m; 7.30 a.m; 5.30 p.m.
Weekdays : 5.00 a.m; 7.p.m
Immaculate Heart of Mary

04639 – 266587, 266734

Sathankulam Mission as such developed into a larger Mission combining two areas of Catholic settlement: Ancient Christians who got settled at Somanathaperi and Peikulam as well as newly converted Christians who were in an around Sathankulam.

The pioneer of Sathankulam Mission is the Jesuit priest called Denis Kushion. He came to Sathankulam around 1861. The quarral between Merchant Chettiyars and Nadars was the cause for the conversion of Nadars into Catholic Religion. Already in 1863 there were about 7000 Catholics in the Mission of Sathankulam. In 1882 and 1887 Sokkankudiyiruppu and Puthur Pragasapuram (Nazareth) were bifurcated from Sathankulam and made into separate parishes respectively. Sathankulam Mission was left with 3574 Catholics, 11 Churches, 7 chapels, 80 substations and 12 catechists. When in 1909 Puthur Pragasapuram (Nazareth) was re-organized a few substations were taken from Sathankulam Mission and were attached to Pragasapuram.

The well known and tireless Jesuit Missionary Priests of Sathankulam Mission were Rev. Frs. Kasthanier, Louis Verdier, Gregory and especially Kushion.
Presbytery at Sathankulam is 150 years old and it is in a very dilapidated condition.