Ikkadu Tamil Nadu, India

SI Wesley church was built by Rev.William Goudie and dedicated on 1902. It was built at center of the compound at Ikkadu in Tiruvallur District, South India. It is located approximately 50 kilometres from Chennai.

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Construction of this Church was started Feb 27th 1899 But it was into the erection of the last building of all that Rev. Goudie threw all the energy of his soul. It was his ambition to erect in the very centre of the compound, where it should be symbolic of him who must ever be central to all Christian life and work, a church worthy of the name.

That he succeeded in so doing the picture before us shows, and though it fell far short of what he would have desired it to be, it is an exceedingly beautiful and commodious building and will hold, seated on the floor of course, in Indian fashion - s0me 700 people. It was opened in 1903 and during the erection Mr. Goudie spent many hours and days in the oversight of the work, determined that none save the best work should go into it.
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Mr. Goudie was not the first to preach the Gospel in Ikkadu. That honour belongs to William Burgess well-known for his work in Italy since those days and to Mr.George Mackenzie Cobban with whom Mr. Goudie lived.

When Goudie vistied India first time who was his first instructor in Tamil and in all things Indian. Mr. Burgess had visited the place ten years before Mr. Goudie took charge of it, and three small congregations had been built up by the end of that year 1878 in Ikkadu, Ikkadu Kandigai and one more at adjoining village.

Our Church is one of the greatest monuments of Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society . In 1947 this church was united under Church of South India (CSI). The Ministry initiated by the missionaries is now built firmly in Ikkadu and has nearly 3000 families in this congregation and 8 Branch Churches around Ikkadu also our church is one of the Important pastorate church in Tamilnadu.