No. 62, Hunters Road,
Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday @ 6:00 AM and 8:15 AM

CSI St.Paul’s Church is one of the oldest Churches built by the then SPG. During the year 1853, Rev. John Guest & Rev. Bower together bought one acre & 82 Cents of land for Rs.8500/- where the Church stands today.

St. Mathias Church which was across the road was built well before our Church came into existence. Initially, people of the native Indian, viz, the servants of the British Officials & other people doing the labour jobs had to worship the Lord in St. Mathias Church, where the service was held in English. Hence there was a need for a separate Church for the people who only know the local language.

And as a result, the then Governor Mr.Harris , laid the foundation of the great Church at the place where the SPG has bought the land. Accordingly, the Church was built to the Glory of God and was dedicated on 18th September as St. Paul’s Church