Salem Tamil Nadu, India

CSI Immanuel Church Salem

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CSI Immanuel church, Salem is located on Sarada College Rd, in the heart of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. The church services are conducted both in Tamil and English.

In May 1840 Rev. J.M. Lechler (Rev. John Michael Lechler - 1804 - 1861) called as the Apostle of Salem , a German Missionary of the London Missionary society came to salem from Coimbatore to take change of the Salem Mission work.[1]:64 He had already been 5 Years in India of which 4 years were spent working with Rev.C. T. E. Rhenius(1790 - 1838) called as the Apostle of Tirunelveli).[2] In the same year Rev . J.M. Lechler Started in Salem a School of Industries - First of its kind in the whole of the British India - The school was called as the first school of Industrial education in India and Rev . J.M. Lechler who was also called (because of the chequered history) as the father of Industrial education in India . To Develop the Industrial school Rev. J.M. Lechler needed more skilled workers and Artisans . So he called skilled workers from Tirunelveli under the Leadership of Catechist E. David of Palayamkottah (a well trained man under Rev. C.T.E. Rhenius of Tirunelveli ) under the Leadership of Catechist E. David 30 families of skilled workers from Tirunelveli came to salem. They were given work according to their trades in the industrial school and accommodated in the Salem mission compound at Shevapet, Salem.

CSI Immanuel Church was vested with the Indian Ecclesiastical Establishment from Coimbatore.