CSI Good Shepherd Church Velachery

Church of South India - CSI

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


#34 Velachery-Taramani, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd
Baby Nagar, Velachery
Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

The church is situated on the southern side of the Velachery-Taramani Link Road. It is a monument of great sacrifice and dedicated service of the senior members of the church, liberal donation given by the Diocese of Madras, prayer partners and well wishers in and around. The church building with tall spire and cross, enchanting arch windows and doors was erected and dedicated to almighty God on 24th December 1994.It attracts hundreds of people from different religions everyday for prayer and meditation. Many bear witness to the fact their prayers are heard and answered by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In the year 1975, a few families which were brought up in the tradition of Church of South India,were living scattered around Velachery. Velachery was once a village where American Advent Mission and Methodist missionaries had already established churches some 150 years ago. But believers of CSI tradition had to go to attend worship service at CSI churches in Adyar, Saidapet and faraway places in the city of Madras. At this point of time CSI pastors from Saidapet, Rev.C.S.Vethakkan and Rev. Deva Anbu started meeting these families and encouraged them to organize a CSI church in this part of suburb.

In the year 1980, Mr. R.S. John opened the door of his house for CSI gathering every Sunday for prayer. The number of families at the time of such assembly was 10, soon it swelled into 30. Rev.T. Jefferson David regularly visited from CSI Church of Jesus the Saviour, Saidapet and conducted worship services and encouraged the believers to establish a new CSI church in this area and also helped to get affiliation to Diocese of Madras.

It was on 16th August 1981, the Diocese of Madras recognized the gathering as CSI Good Shepherd Church and attached as a Branch Church to CSI Church of Jesus the Saviour, Saidapet under the stewardship of Rev. A.Jeevarathinam. Thus the birth of CSI Good Shepherd church took place in the upper room of Mr.R.S.John fondly called as “Uncle John” by all.