958, Poonamallee High Road
Opp. Hotel Sudha & DC Car Showroom
Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday @ 8:30 AM

Wesley Church is one of the oldest churches in Egmore area of Chennai, the capital of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The original structure was built in Gothic architecture in 1905 by Wesleyan Mission. It was constructed at Egmore considering the growing needs of it in the area around Egmore. The church is named after John Wesley, the founder of Methodist Movement in 140 countries.

The church was named after Wesley, the founder of Methodist movement in 140 countries. Protestant missions in India were legalized by an act of British Parliament in 1813. The mission to India and Ceylon was initiated with five members. The Madras mission was established in 1817, with Royapettah as the headquarters. During the later period of the 19th century, the need was felt to expand in regions like Egmore and Perambur. During 1892, the Garden House in Poonamalle High Road was purchased for the pastor of the English group. Rev. John Breedan, who was the first to occupy the premises with the lotus tank in front of it worked towards the foundation of the church. The foundation of the Church was laid on 28 December 1903 with the filling of lotus tank on Poonamalle High Road in Egmore by Prof. George G. Findlay and his fellow missionaries of the Wesleyan Mission. The church was formally inaugurated on 11 February 1905 by Rev. J.Cooling and the formal message of opening the church was announced by Rev. William H. Findlay. The centenary celebrations of the Church was celebrated on 29 January 2005, with special lectures and fundraising events.

The church is built in Gothic architecture. The site at the current place where the Church is located was originally a lotus tank. The tank was filled up during the early day of settlement of Rev. John Breedan from 1892 when the land was purchased. The pipe organ used by the church is of important note and is one of the oldest instruments still in use. The church has an exterior made of brick, stained glass windows and tiled brick spire.