Fort Main Rd, I Agraharam
Salem Tamil Nadu, India

CSI Christ Church Salem

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C.S.I Christ Church has be built by the British people around 140 years ago.The Exact city center point cross comes in the middle of the church alter. The church has 700(Around 2100 No's) family members as its congregation. The historical Building structure made it looks beautiful in middle of the busy town. One of the most important historical place is the Anglican cemetery which is near the church. it has more than 10 missionary people's cemetery. The people who have came as missionary where buried there.

Christ Church is located on Fort Road, near the District Collectorate, in the heart of Salem City, Tamil Nadu, India. The church has been serving the community for the last 140 years, since its consecration in 1875. The church services at Christ Church are conducted both in English and Tamil. The church was designed by architect Robert Fellowes Chisholm, who was a pioneer of the Indo-Saracenic architecture, and also designed the Senate House buildings of the University of Madras and the Madras Presidency College

The early history of Christ Church is recorded by Rev. Frank Penny, LL.M, in his book, The Church in Madras : being the History of the Ecclesiastical and Missionary Action of the East India Company in the Presidency of Madras From 1835 to 1861: Volume III(p. 294-296).[2]

There was a small Church of England chapel at the Yercaud Hills, with a resident clergyman, who visited Salem once a month. In Salem itself, there existed a small chapel of the London Missionary Society, which was used by the Christian congregation in Salem. For nearly 60 years of the 19th century, there was perfect understanding between the missionaries of the London Missionary Society (LMS) and the officials of the East India Company, and the chapel was freely available to conduct the services of the Church of England for the officers of the company.