Church of Our Lady of Nativity


Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India


Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu, India


Sunday 5.30 a.m.;7.00 a.m; 7.00 p.m
Church of Our Lady of Nativity


The Catholics of Amalinagar were originally people who got migrated from Alanthalai in the year 1915 due to a quarrel at Alanthalai. With the blessings of Bishop Tiburtius Roche and with the efforts of Rev. Fr. J.S. Lobo, the first Priest from Alanthalai, in1940 a Church was built dedicated to Amali Annai. In 1948 the Church was blessed. With the help of Rev. Fr. Joakim Fdo, Rev. Fr. Eusebius extended and enlarged the Church. Rev. Fr. Pancras Fdo extended the side wings. Rev.Fr. Vladmir Dixon renovated the Church in the year 2011.