Our Lady of Angels


Puducherry, Puducherry, India


No.3 Rue Surcouf
Puducherry Puducherry, India


Sunday 6.00 am (in Tamil)
7.30 am (in French)
8.30 am (in English)
5.15 pm (in French)
Our Lady of Angels

011-91-9488165947 / 011-91-7094109866

A warm welcome to our parish website. You are now virtually connected with us, not just by chance but by choice. We are happy and deem it a privilege to share with you the information which draws a deeper connection with our parish family.

Our parish was founded in 1738 and it is one of the oldest parishes in Pondicherry. For two centuries, our parish Our Lady of the Angels is very important both historically and politically for the city of Pondicherry. It is the only parish in India where we have masses in three languages French, English and Tamil.The architectural beauty of our Church built in 1855 is the apple of everyone’s eye. Facing the sea, it is a centre of attraction for the tourists and a peaceful place to pray and meditate.

If you are Catholic and live in the area, you are already one of the many "sheep" of this flock, and are entitled to the pastoral care of your priest. It is my blessed duty and great privilege to bring you closer to Jesus, particularly through the sacraments, blessings, family celebrations, and spiritual guidance. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need.

I look forward to meeting you after Sunday Masses or in the Parish office. Please refer to the parish calendar for events of the parish, our parish Newsletter and our facebook page for events that go even beyond our borders.

Thank You and we are pleased, that you have come to our website. If you cannot find the information that you are seeking on this website, please email us and we will make every effort to help you.