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D'Souza Garden,Rameshwadi, Badlapur West, Dt.
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


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St. Francis Xavier Church - Badlapur

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Badlapur is Situated at the outskrits of extreme central suburban of Mumbai,at the northeastern border of Maharashtra Badalapur is virtually divded in 2 areas, East & West,by railway station.Beautiful Ulhas River flows between Kulgaon and Badlapur Gaon.
Badlapur is situated 10 kms away from Ambernath Parish. Hence the people found It difficult ( both physiically and financially ) to attend mass at Ambernath Church every Sunday. Few minds like Mr. Constancio Fernandes, Mr. Felix D'Costa and mr. Pascal Pinho,came together to find a solution. They presented the problem of the residing Christians after much discussion : they decided to approach the Parish priest Rev Fr. Anthony paul vaz in the 1978. Rev Fr. Anthony Paul, sensing the real need of the people obliged to the request. He agreed to send a priest from Ambernath every first Sunday. The mass was celebrated by Rev Fr. Anthony Paul Vaz in the premises of Fatima primary school at Badlapur ( E ) Which is run by the pilar father. Thus the Eucharistic celebration frist began on Sunday, the 3 rd of Dec 1979. 3rd December being the feast of st. Francis Xavier, Mr. constancio Fernandes Suggested that the patron should be st. Francis Xavier. And it was unanimously accepted by all.
Under the guideline of Ambernath Parish Priest, the basic Christian community began functioning actively. The Feast of our patron was celebrated by all in a grand manner by inviting Ambernath Parishioners also. Seeing the enthusiasm of the small Christian community in 1988-89 Mr. Anthony D'Souza, a Pioneer resident of Badlapur, was inspired to donate an acre of land in D'Souza garden.Immediately a Cross and open alter was set up and patron feast was celebrated. The small Christian community started working towards building up of community hall and with the help of other non-Christians,they gatherd funds and built a community Centre. The present structure successfully came to completion in the year 1991. The Parish Priest, Fr. Kyriel D'Souza gave permission to celebrate mass at the Mass Centre was blessed by Fr. Pascal Fernandes. Thus on the bank of the river, a small and beautiful Mass centre dedicated to St. Francis Xavier was built.
The community was growing and need was felt to have a residential prest. Fr. Nolasco Dias, Parish Priest requested parishioners to make a parochial house to the priest. But he allowed Fr. Peter Mathias to celebrate mass every Sunday. In the year 1996, Fr. Nolasco Dias Obtained permissin from Cardinal Simon Pimenta to register St. Francis Xavier Church Trust. The Trust was registerd on 31st March, 1997, Regn, No. D-81 ( Thane) In the year 1997, Fr. Peter mathias was appointed as the first resident priest at Badlapur Mass Centre. He was then joined by Fr, Ramesh Mahale. Then Came Fr. Ubaido Fernandes for a brief period followed by Fr. Naveen Lewis and Fr. Edmound Mascarnhas, Fr. Lancelot Fernandes and Fr. Joseph Fernandes.
In the year 2005, 6th July the worst tragedy in the from of flood attacked Badlapur. Our mass Centre was 8ft under water. This did not deter our faith: The centre once again started reviving with the help of other parishes. The catholic population in Badlapur Started grawing rapidly. The Parish Priest Of Ambernath, Rev. Fr. Sylvester, seeing the progress, zeal and enthusiasm of Badlapur community requested Zonal Bishop, His Lordship, Most Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracious to raise the Mass centre into a parish Unit.
On 14th. 2007, our Zonal Bishop, His Lordship Most Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracious elevated the mass centre to a parish unit and inducted fr. Lancelot Fernandes as the Priest In-charge. He also inducted the first Parish pastoral Council on the same day.
This is a major landmark for our as this marked the beginning of a new chapter in achieving the vision of our community here.
The boundaries of the Badlapur Parish Unit were demarcated comprising the jusridiction Badlapur Municipal Council Upto Karjat.
Fr. Dominic Joined our parish Unit in the year 2008. He also assicted in all the church activities of Badlapur. He is in charge of catechists and youth.
Fr. Diogo is our present Priest-in-charge, who joined us the year 2010. Our Parish unit is witnessing a greet change inder the leadership of Fr. Dominic and Fr.Diogo . We have reason to rejoice, as with the help of Mr. Lvetes Lobo ( Political and Civic Head ), We Hhave obtained Ghar Patti for our church. The long standing desire to have our own burial ground has been grandted to us by the Kulgaon Badlapur Municipal Council.Today Badalpaur has made a lot of progrees with SCC's, Sunday School, Youth, and all the diffrent cells who are active and vibrant.