St Anne Church Mazagaon


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


39, Nesbit Rd, Byculla Railway Colony, Tadwadi
Dhody Marg, Mazagaon
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


7:30 am (English)
8:30 am (Children’s Mass)
9:30 am (English)
5:00 pm (Konkani Mass – 1st Sunday of the Month)
6:00 pm (English)

St.Annes church, started way back in or about 1787, as a humble Chapel on Nesbit Lane.Started out as a private place for worship, i.e. a private chapel for a family that went by the name of Nesbit and subsequently opened to the general public but not actually intended for use for the faithful at large.

It was known as Igreja da Senhora Santa Anna. It was served by Portuguese speaking priests. The Jesuits did not make an appearance until the nineteenth century and it seems that it was they that started the use of the name Saint Anne’s Chapel. The chapel was rebuilt during 1880 -1881. The foundation store of Saint Anne's Church was laid on 10th April 1880 and on 6th November the Church was actually consecrated by the then Bishop of Bombay, Bishop Meurin.

The current dimensions of the Church is 126 feet long and 54 ft wide.

Morning mass means the soft morning light filtering downwards through the beautiful and colourful stained glass windows that dominate the eastern side of the church. The central window depicts the Ascension of our Lord. The window to the right of this central window, depicts the Descent of the Holy Spirit, to the left depicts the Coronation of Our Blessed Lady and the Glory of All the Saints