Our Lady of the Rosary Church Dockyard Road


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Dockyard Road
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


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Those who know a bit of history, will remember that our city, Bombay (now, Mumbai), was part of the Portuguese Colonies, which was later gifted to the British in marriage, as dowry. This is how Bombay had the unique situation of being introduced to Christianity by two different countries. While the British were Protestant and more interested in business, the Portuguese sent out missionaries who accompanied the invading armies and focused on the proclamation of the faith. Thus the geo-political situation in the early years of Christianity, in the Bombay islands and the surrounding areas on the mainland, led to the governance of the church that came under the jurisdiction of Goa (1534-1720), a Portuguese colony. Churches under this governance were referred to Padroado. As the British began to exert their authority, mainly between 1720 to 1789, they established churches which came under the Apostolic Vicariate of Bombay, referred to as Propaganda. This dual set-up, caused by the double jurisdiction, resulted in years of conflict and division in the church that was to last until 1928. It is important to understand this situation as the Church of the Most Holy Rosary was established during the height of this conflict. The area of Mazagaon / Byculla was blessed with two churches on account of the conflict, namely Gloria Church and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.