Our Lady of Rosary Church Kindla


Kindla , Maharashtra, India


Kindla Post. Kauthani
Sindhudurg District
Kindla Maharashtra, India


Weekdays: 6 P.M
Sundays: 8 A.M and 10 A.M

For about a 100 years, Kindla was looked after by the missionaries from the Archdiocese of Goa till 1946 after which it was placed under the jurisdiction of Poona Diocese. The Church land was given as ‘gift’ for the welfare of the Christian community by the Raja of Sawantwadi State in 1914.

Kindla was in 1952 called Quindola.. Qu is pronounced K...Portuguese Language

Located on the south-west coast of Maharashtra, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sindhudurg was created on July 5, 2005, when it was bifurcated from the Diocese of Poona.
It was a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Bombay until 25 November 2006, when Pope Benedict XVI transferred it to the newly established Metropolitan province of Goa and Damão.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sindhudurg is known to be 'missionary in nature' and is home to 25 parishes and substations. It is also the 'spiritual home' of over 25,000 Catholics.
​Owing to the migration from Goa, over 200 years ago, the cultural identity of the people of the diocese is Goan. The roots of the ethnic traditions, customs, religious customs, including the language can be traced to Goa.