Our Lady of Remedy Church Poinsur


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


P.O. Kandivli
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


Sunday – 7 am, 8 am (Children’s mass), 9:15 am and 6 pm.

17th April. 1955,

‘Message’ on the occasion of the fourth centenary celebrations of the Church of Our Lady of Remedies, Poinsur.

The celebration of the fourth centenary is indeed a rare and memorable event in the life of any institution. The parishioners of the Church of Our Lady of Remedies, Poinsur, have every reason, therefore, to be proud and glad that they are seeing the 400th year since the beginning of their Church.

This Church has been for you and your ancestors the channel of so many favours and graces over the years. Within it, generations of villagers have been regenerated in the waters of salvation; they have received the graces brought to them through the rivers of Christ’s Sacraments; and when their life’s course has been run they have been laid to rest till the day of the Last Judgement.

That this Church of yours should have catered to the spiritual needs of the people of Poinsur for 400 years is a matter of deep gratitude to God; and must be a source of encouragement and an incentive to all the parishioners of this Church to be strong in the faith of your fathers, who, being nurtured and fed in and through this Church, have handed that faith to you in all its beauty and glory.

May this Church continue for years to come to be what it has been to Poinsur—the rallying point of the spiritual life of the parish and a monument of the loyalty and faithfulness of the parishioners to Christ and His Church.

Fr. Hull (I:10) fixes 1555 as; the year of the foundation of the church of OL of remedy at Poinsur, which is situated about three kilometers to the south of Mt. Poinsur along the Swami Vivekanand Road (the old Ghodbunder Road). But it appears that the Jesuit Report of 1669 is slightly more cautions when speaking of this church. In that report the Vicar of the time says.

“This parish has jurisdiction over two villages, one called Poinsur and the other Ancolualy…The church was built by the College (Jesuit) of Bassein and it continues to contribute well to its expenses when needed. I did not find among the old books any documents from which I could trace the beginnings of the church, because those before 1618 perished in the storm, which destroyed both residence and church’ on May 16 of that year”.