Our Lady of Nazareth Church Bhayander


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Near Mira BHAYANDAR Nagarpalika
Bhayandar, Dt. Thane
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


06:00 a.m. (English)
07:00 a.m. (Marathi)
08:15 a.m. (Children)
09:30 a.m. (English)
06:00 p.m. (English)

ccording to Paulo da Trindade the story of the founding of the Rectorate at Bhayander (Bainel) runs as follows: When Fr. Antao B. Nazareth was only two years old, he became very ill. They despaired of his life. His parents vowed him to God and to Our Lady of Nazareth Church, in the Order of St. Francis.

To continue the story in Paulo daTrindade own words:
Having reached a sufficient age, he joined the Order of Our Holy Father and for many years was the rector this residence, the founder and patron of which had been, his own father, who name was Balthazar Gomes. It was he who at his own expense erected the Church, as also the rectory and endowed it with an income of 200 pardaos per year for the support of the Rector who there would function as such. He had founded it on lands which he had chosen in the same village of Bhayander, which belonged to him and the residence was built at the time of Fr. Simao de Nazareth Custos, who also laid the first stone.

Now if we but knew exactly when Simao de Nazareth Custos, it would be possible to give more or less the erection date. Paulo da Trindade says Fr. Simao was Custos for five years. Further we know that he was present at the siege of Cotta, Ceylon (1565-1566), but was he then already Custos? In compiling our list of custodes, we met a spate of candidates for that period, so we preferred place. him around 1570. Hence we may conclude that at least around 1570, the Parish of Bhayander was constituted.

In 1595, Fr. Antao de Nazareth was still Rector. In 1630 the parish at Bhayander consisted as it seems to have from-the beginning of the village of Bhayander only. There were then 855 adults 224 children besides a number of babies in arms in the parish.