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Mumbai Maharashtra, India

Diocese of Mumbai CNI

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The Diocese of Mumbai of the Church of North India is the Anglican diocese covering metropolitan Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra. The cathedra seat of the Bishop of Mumbai is St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai.

Historically known as the Diocese of Bombay from its inception in 1837, it was a diocese of Church of India, Burma and Ceylon,[1] which was renamed the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon in 1947; since then it has been one of its most prominent Dioceses in the Indian subcontinent. It is headed by the Anglican Bishop of Bombay.

Split from Calcutta diocese in 1837, the Diocese of Bombay was the last new Indian diocese of the Church of England before all colonial dioceses became independent in 1863. Like Calcutta, Mumbai diocese has been a very large Church of England diocese, a diocese of the independent Indian Anglican church, and now a United Church diocese. The CNI diocese today covers Maharashtra, and the bishop is Prakash D. Patole.