Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel & Shrine of St. Anthony Sion


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Near Railway Station
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


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10:15 a.m. (Malayalam)
10:15 a.m. (Tamil)
06:15 p.m. (English)

Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel & Shrine of St. Anthony former Our Lady of Good Counsel Church initially known by its name in Portuguese, Nossa Senhora de Bom Concelho, is one of the oldest churches in, Bombay built by the Portuguese Franciscans. It was built at Sion and was initially affiliated to the St. Michael's Church at Mahim in 1596. The artistically done stained glass windows of the Church portray the martyrdom of Blessed Thomas of Tolentino, Fr. James of Padua, Fr. Peter of Siena, a Cleric and Br. Demetrius of Tiflis at Thane, in April 1321.

When the Portuguese took possession of Bombay, the seven small islands out of which it had formed had by then partly coalesced. Colaba and Al-Omanis still remained to the South separated by narrow channels. But between the islands of Bombay, Mazagaon and Parel the creeks had silted up. A broad but shallow lagoon occupied the center, invaded by higher tides. But for the most part consisting of salty marsh. The sea flowed in by a narrow channel between Mahim and Worli, while the deep gulf between Mahim and Sion, while the deep gulf at Breach Candy was the only one which always required passage by boat.

This "seven-island kingdom" as some authors wish to call it thus identifying it with the Heptanesia of Ptolemy, was not thickly populated. The inhabitants with the exception of some Mohammedans at Mahim, were mostly Hindus of the Kolis and the Bhandari castes, agriculturists, toddy tappers, gardeners, fishermen. Only after they had established themselves in Bassein and Salsette Island did the Franciscans venture on Bombay-island. In the course of the 16th and the 17th centuries, the Franciscans established several Churches and Chapels in Bombay; among them was the Chapel of O.L. of Good Counsel, Sion. The discord between the Portuguese (the Friars were Portuguese) and the English resulted in the expulsion of the Franciscans from Bombay.