St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church Gurugram

Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Haryana, India


Block C, Sheetla Colony, Ashok Vihar Phase II
Gurugram Haryana, India


Sunday at 8:30 am

8th August 1993, at the Sector 17 house of Mr. Joseph Benjamin a prayer fellowship was organized which was lead by the then Faridabad vicar, Rev K Thomas. In this prayer meeting attended by Faridabad executive committee members it was decided that Rev.K Thomas would conduct the Holy Communion on one Sunday every month which would be a evening service and for the rest of the Sundays the group would get together as Prayer Fellowship. Apart from Achen, the prayer fellowship also was blessed with the leadership of Shri. Babukutty Ninan who shared from the word of God in these prayer meetings. The Morning Prayer meetings were held at the St. Crispin’s Schools chapel and the evening holy Qurbana service used to be held at the CNI Epiphany Church. At that point in time, the diocese metropolitan for Delhi – Mumbai diocese was Rt Rev Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Episcopa and the Thirumeni was first episcopa to administer Holy Qurbana to Gurgaon Marthomites.

1994 September saw Gurgaon prayer fellowship attaining Congregation status by the order of respected Rt. Rev.Dr.Isaac Mar Philexenos Episcopa. Rev. Y George Achen from Faridabad (who had replaced K Thomas Achen) offered spiritual guidance and leadership to the congregation.

Considering the recommendation and pleas of the Gurgaon marthomites it was on Dec 15th 1995 that Most Respected Alexander Marthoma conferred church status to the congregation and thus was born St Thomas Mar Thoma church Gurgaon.

We look at the period from 1995 to date, at the mercies and abundant blessings that the Lord showered on the believers at Gurgaon in their quest for a worship place. The journey was blessed by the inspiring guidance of many Achen’s whose sweat and toil have gone a long way in making the Church what it is today.