Christ Church CNI Noida

Church of North India

Noida, Haryana, India


Noida Haryana, India

Christ Church is one of the five mainline churches in Noida, a church of the Diocese of Delhi, under the umbrella body of Church of North India. The Church of North India (CNI), the dominant Anglican and Protestant denomination in northern India is a united church established on 29 November 1970 by bringing together the main Protestant churches working in northern India. It is the successor of Church of England in India along with the Church of Pakistan and the Church of South India. The merger, which had been in discussions since 1929, came eventually between the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (Anglican), the United Church of Northern India (Congregationalist and Presbyterian), the Baptist Churches of Northern India (British Baptists), the Church of the Brethren in India, which withdrew in 2006, the Methodist Church (British and Australia Conferences) and the Disciples of Christ denominations.

CNI's jurisdiction covers all states of the Indian Union except for the four states in the south (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and has approximately 1,250,000 members in 3,000 pastorates.

The founder Pastor Rev. Col. Lawrence Massey pastored the church for over 14 years. On his retirement Rev., Dr Paul Swarup took over as the Presbyter-in-charge in 2004. Church saw tremendous growth, both spiritually and in infrastructure, during his tenure of 7 years. The next Presbyter-in-charge was Rev. Kamal Mall who also pastored the church for 7 years, during which time church witnessed further all-round progress. Rev. Sunil Ghazan took over from Rev. Kamal Mall in June 2018. On his elevation as the Secretary of the Diocese of Delhi and transfer to St. Martin Church, Delhi Cantonment after little over 2 years with us he handed over charge to our Present Presbyter-in-charge, Rev. Sandeep David on 1st of August 2020. Please see the section entitled ‘Our Pastor’ to learn more about Rev. Sandeep David.

The Christ Church has an extension in Greater Noida, which is growing at a fast pace. We meet in the St. Thomas College Chapel in Knowledge Park III Greater Noida. This extension is being pastored by our Associate Pastor Rev. Augustine Simon