Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Church


Assolna, Goa, India


Assolna Goa, India


Sunday: 6.30 a.m. | 8.00 a.m. | 9.15 a.m. (Children’s Mass)
Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Church

0832 – 2773392

The church of Assolna, according to the “Anuário da Arquidiocese de Goa e Damão” (1955), was founded in 1616 on the ruins of a fortress. According to “Mitras Lusitanas,” however, it existed already in 1595. Yet another source — Fr. Sebastião Gonsalves, a historian and a writer who lived in Goa between 1593 and 1619 – has the construction of the church dating back to 1590. The last seems to be the most probable date.