Holy Trinity Church New Delhi

Church of North India

New Delhi, Delhi, India


Turkman Gate
New Delhi Delhi, India

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH (Church of North India), Turkman Gate, New Delhi-110002 is a memorial to a priest, the Rev Alexander Charles Maitland, who died in Delhi in 1894. It's foundation stone was laid down in his memory by his widow, Mrs Mary Rosetta Maitland on February 1st 1904. The Church building was designed by Rev A Coore, a Member of the Brotherhood and who all the time remained in person on the spot and supervised the building operations. On Tuesday, the 7 th November 1905 at 8:00 am the Bishop Lefroy, the third Bishop of Lahore consecrated the church and the consecration was followed by a celebration of HOLY COMMUNION at which there were about 250 (two hundred and fifty) communicants.

Rev W S Kelley was designated by the Bishop as first Priest-In charge of the HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. Rev A Coore, who designed the building of the church took over charge of the HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. Rev Samuel Ghosh was the first Indian who became the Vicar of the Parish Church in 1913. Rev Hugh Basil king served HOLY TRINITY till his death in 1939. The electric fans in the church were first put as a memorial to him and a compound near the church premises is named after his name and is now known as "King's compound ". It was in the time of Rev Arthur Elisha Adolphus, who came in 1939, that the HOLY TRINITY PARISH SCHOOL became an aided one and a private Savings Bank Account was opened.