Green Park Free Church CNI

Church of North India

New Delhi, Delhi, India


?A 24, Aurobindo Marg
Green Park Main
New Delhi Delhi, India

The genesis of Green Park Free Church dates back to the evening of 29th May 1955, the Pentecost Sunday, also known as the Whit Sunday, when Rev. Ron F Tucker, the then Presbyter-in-charge of Free Church, Parliament Street sat down to meditate upon God's Word to prepare for his message for the following Sunday.

It was his practice to prepare his sermons for the following Sunday at the very start of the week,especially on Tuesdays so that he could attend to other needs during the week.

He was not inspired by the Holy Spirit to find a suitable message for the following Sunday. On Tuesday. he tried preparing his message as usual but, after a long wait to get inspired that evening. he gave-up. He tried again the following morning in vain.

Then came Thursday when it occurred to him that his message could have been a challenging one. He had a burning desire within his heart to attend to the needs of his members. who lived far away in the Southern part of Delhi. These members were barely able to attend the full service on Sundays. Most often, they arrived when the benediction was about to be pronounced.

Rev. R F Tucker was aware of the fact that the congregational members from South Delhi would be only able to make it to the benediction, no matter how early they started off in the morning to attend the church service.

His message on June 5, 1955 finally turned out to be a challenging one. Led by the Holy Spirt he spoke on the responsibilities of the members of Free Church, Parliament Street of planting a new Church in South Delhi; and he asked them to be prepared.

Thus was born the idea of Green Park Free Church.