Delhi Malayalam Congregation Mandir Marg

Church of North India

New Delhi, Delhi, India


Chilla Sarda Bangar Village, Mayur Vihar
New Delhi Delhi, India

The purpose of the church in this world is understood in terms of its mission. The mission of the church is the mission of God. Jesus Christ revealed that mission. The mission that transformed the ancient church is summarized in three basic words, namely preaching, teaching and healing.

DMC Plans to builds many budget houses to the flood victims of Kerala state. The recent floods are the biggest natural calamity since 1930, the state had seen, making more than 10,000 houses completely damaged and need to rebuild this totally. We have already done some interim relief to the flood victims in terms of relief material. We hope to touch the lives and stand with them at the time of the emergency. The Govt has invited all to come and rebuild the Kerala and we are going to work with the Govt agencies who is doing such programs.

DMC planned to provide financial assistance to the marriages of poor girls. Normally we do this based on the application received, however this jubilee year, we are going to identify and make defined budget and programs for this activity.

Our parish is looking at the community- development cum church project in central parts of Delhi. We look forward for the Delhi diocese or the Govt of Delhi to allocate us a suitable land to build one such facility. This can be a church cum activity center. For a congregation of 120 plus families it is not affordable to have such a facility without the help form the diocese/Govt agencies etc..