Street Number 1, Sector 6, Durg
Bhilai Chhattisgarh, India


Holy Qurbana Service In Malayalam @ 08:00 AM

Started in 1956.

Institutions and Buildings
1. Mar Thoma School (Play schooltoLKG)
2. Mar Thoma ParishHall
3. Mar Thoma Jubilee Hall
4. Mar Thoma Diamond JubileeComplex

1 Mission Fields (Machannur, Hopli, Morith, Mohada & Atkochpara-started in 2018)
2 Pahadore Mission Developments under Registered Charitable Society Act
3 Maitri Bhoj (Meals for the Orphans & Beggars on every 1st Sunday)
4 Housing Projects at Leprosy Colonyly Fellowships