St. Francis Xavier Church - Gollaprolu


Andhra Pradesh, India


East Godavari Dist
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, India

St. Francis Xavier Church - Gollaprolu

08854 - 258210

In 1935, Rev. Fr. Thomas parrel had brought the land at Gollaprolu. In 36 built a house and a thatched chapel for prayer with the help of Mr. Solomon Behara. In 37 Gollaprolu was bifur- cated from the Parish of Hamsavaram and Rev.Fr. ThomasParrel became the incharge of the Mission. In 1940 40 families have received Baptism and thus catholic community was established. In 1942 Rev. Fr. Charles Polamarasetty was appointed. He worked 18 years tirelessly to spread the faith. Kirlampudi, Eleswaram, Marrivedu, Kathipudi, Prathipadu, Ravivaripodu, Donthamuru, Kathuru, Thorredu, Sarpavaram villages were brought to the light of Christ by his ministry.

In 2003 May Gollaprolu has become a New Parish and Pallottine Fathers took over the parish at the invitation of the archbishop of Visakhapatnam.