St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Lakeview Parish Mississauga, ON

Malankara Orthodox Syrian

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


1405 Alexandra Avenue
Mississauga Ontario, Canada

The St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church provides opportunities for people to worship God.
When we come into the presence of our merciful Lord, we become aware of our sinfulness and ask forgiveness from Him. Our worship consists of praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, reading of the Scriptures, and dedication. The Holy Eucharist is offered every Sunday, and all the faithful are encouraged to take part in it. The Church also provides its members opportunities for fellowship, study, and service. Prayer meetings are held regularly in the homes of our members. The Church emphasizes the importance of including Orthodox Christian values in its members. Caring for the poor and the disadvantaged has always been the concern of our Church. If you are looking for a church that is orthodox in doctrine, orthodox in worship, orthodox in values, come to The St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church in Mississuaga.