7155 Sherbrooke St
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada


Sunday 6:00 PM

God has put in our heart to start this church in Vancouver in the year 2013-14, since then we are committed and we believe and have faith in Him that He will use this church to save many. We believe in one body of Christ and no part of this body is superior than other but the Head is Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have Jesus as our leader but God has provided us amazing Pastors like Pastor Koshy, Pastor Balbir, Pastor Rehan and Pastor John.

We are a South Asian Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English language speaking Pentecostal church, located in the heart of Vancouver. Our church is registered to Pentecostal assemble of Canada and caters to Indian, Pakistani, Fiji and other Asian communities in the area. We are holy spirit lead church of God and we believe in Jesus as our Lord, God and Savior. Jesus is our leader in everything we do. Praise God.

We have our regular service every Sunday at Punjabi Masihi Church Vancouver at 6:00 PM, Bible study every Thursday at 7:30 PM, Prayer Meeting every first Friday of the month at 7:30 PM. In everything we do, we seek Jesus and His will be done so that we give all glory to Jesus only and no men. Jesus is our Lord, our God,, our Savior, our rock, our refuge, our strength and our shelter. We do our best to start with Jesus and finish with Jesus too.