Ebenezer Christian Assembly


Doveton, Victoria, Australia


9 Claredale Road
Doveton Victoria, Australia

Ebenezer Christian Assembly is a Bible-based Pentecostal Church established by the Grace of God in Melbourne in November 2006. ​The Church was formed to provide Pentecostal fellowship for those of like precious faith so that the Lords name should be glorified, and to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. As early as 2004, few newly immigrated malayalee families with Pentecostal faith in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne used to meet regularly on Fridays for prayer and fellowship. These meetings were held in the house of any of the family in the group on a rotational basis. As there was no other established Pentecostal church with services in Malayalam in Melbourne during that time, these prayer meetings helped to fulfill the spiritual needs of our community. As more families joined the prayer group, in the 2006, they prayed for God’s grace and guidance to establish a registered Pentecostal church with service in Malayalam. During that time Pastor N.J Joseph (Assemblies of God, Mavoor, Kerala) was in Melbourne on a visit to his son and family. Pr. Joseph agreed to guide and support the church thus formed until he is available in Melbourne. With the grace of God , the first worship meeting of the Church was started with prayer by Pr. N.J. Joseph on Sunday 5th November 2006 in one of the brother’s house. Sunday School was also started on the same day. Ebenezer Christian Assembly thus formed appointed Pr. Joseph as its first Pastor from January 2007, the Sunday worship service and Sunday school was held in an auditorium rented at Doveton Secondary College in Doveton, Melbourne.

By the grace of God the church slowly grew in size overtime from a small beginning. In 2007 ECA became a fully registered church in Melbourne with its own Statement of Purpose and Rules and Regulations which is entirely based on the true Word of God as depicted in the Bible. As more families and individuals joined as members, it became a source of blessing to many people. The church and the families continued to support the newly migrated Malayalee Christian families and students.The Church continued to meet for regular Sunday worship service, prayer meetings on Tuesdays, cottage meetings on Fridays and for fasting prayer meetings at the end of every month. Youth meetings and Women’s meetings were also regularly convened.

As the church required a permanent Pastor with ministry experience in Australia, Pr. Wills Thomas was nominated to that position. Pr. Wills completed his Bible college education in Melbourne and was having ministry work here before 2005 and was known to some of the families in the church. After receiving the guidance and heavenly calling Pr. Wills visited Melbourne during 2007 to help in the registration and incorporation of the church with the govt. agencies Pastor P.A Abraham (Suvartha Worship Center, Kottayam) on a visit to his son and family pastored the church from December 2007 to May 2008 while the arrangements were made for Pr. Wills Thomas to be back. Pastor Abraham agreed to guide and support the church, with his many years of ministry experience and in depth knowledge of the Word of God gave the church proper guidance and fulfilled the spiritual needs of all the members. Pr. Wills Thomas pastored the church till December 2016.

From 2017, Pastor Wesly Joseph guides and nurtures the church as the Lead Pastor.