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Ormond, Victoria, Australia


46 Lillimur Road
Ormond Victoria, Australia

Glen Eira Christian Community Church was initially known as the Caulfield Baptist Church, when it started with the support of Murrumbeena Baptist Church in 1990. The pastor of the new church for its first five years was John Wall. Inducted at a relatively young age, John studied at Bible College in Canada after growing up in West Africa where his parents were missionaries.

Jeff Meager, a former engineer, was appointed as the pastor in 1997. During Jeff’s ministry, the church experienced a period of significant growth and expansion.

In 1999, the renamed Glen Eira Christian Community Church (GECCC), sold its two properties at the corner of Walsh Street and Lillimur Road, Ormond. Since then, it has met for worship at the nearby Kilvington Girls Grammar School.

About this time, GECCC started to develop a multi-cultural element with a small but significant Indian component. This continues to be the case until today.

In 2003, Rev. Dr. Rowland Croucher served for 14 months as the Intentional Interim pastor. The following year, Pastor Mick Terrington was invited to become the senior pastor. Wendy Henry was appointed as the associate pastor in 2005 and served in that role for 12 months. On 1st February 2009, Pastor Mick and Dorrie Terrington were farewelled after 18 years of faithful, dedicated leadership and service.

The youth group ministry was called “Blowtorch”. This was a combination of fun activities and Christian teaching on how our faith impacted daily life. At its peak, around fifteen young people were involved. “Blowtorch” discontinued in 2007.

GECCC has been characterized by informality and flexibility in its services and corporate life together. We are open to the miraculous and we look to God for wholeness and healing in ourselves and others. For the last decade, ethnic diversity and inclusiveness has been our practice, not just a goal.