Sydney Telugu Christian Fellowship

New South Wales, Australia


18 Chelmsford Rd
Wentworthville Baptist Church
South Wentworthville New South Wales, Australia


STCF worships every second Saturday of the month from 6 pm to 9 pm at:

Founded in July 2007, STCF was formally incorporated and registered as a non-profit and public organization, in August 2009 with an aim to praise and worship our lord Jesus Christ in Telugu, one of the major languages from South India. At STCF we encourage one another to grow spiritually as we find our common purpose in Jesus.

At STCF we believe that it is our responsibility to support Missionary and Evangelical work in Andhra Pradesh, India in all possible ways. We thank God for giving this vision to the elders of STCF and for leading the fellowship.

We are a part of a very diverse and multi-cultural society in Sydney. It is important for us to pass on our language, values and culture to the next generation. This will then enable our children to understand the culture, respect & communicate with our elders and enjoy the uniqueness of our language. STCF provides the atmosphere which nurtures the formation and development of these beliefs within the boundaries of the Christian faith. Member interactions cover a whole array of areas: spiritual, cultural, educational, social, charitable etc.