Australian Tamil Church

Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia


1/12 Abbott Road
Seven Hills New South Wales, Australia


HomeBush – Sundays @ 08:00 am
Seven Hills – Sundays @ 09:30 am

The Australian Tamil Church is a full gospel charismatic Church birthed on 6th May 2012 by a small Tamil speaking Christian community living in Sydney to worship and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in Tamil and English believing in the 66 books of the Bible written and inspired by the Holy Spirit, under the New Testament Church Plural Eldership government. This plural eldership government consisted of Senior Pastor Ranjan Ignatius as the Church Spiritual leader, Elders and Administrative Leaders. This entity was registered with the NSW Fair Trading in the name of ATC Sydney Inc and with ASIC trading as Australian Tamil Church.

On 18th September 2015 the Church registered a second entity in the name of ATC Life Centre Ltd with ASIC as a public company, limited by guarantee for the principal purpose of advancement of Education and Community Welfare. The Board of Directors of this second entity are the very same members who serve in the Australian Tamil Church Plural Eldership government.

The Church is blessed with Pastor Ranjan Ignatius, who is a dedicated and humble man of God, who was first called to full time ministry in 2004. Over that last 6 years, the Church has witnessed over 60 people walking through waters of baptism and many received healing and were transformed to Christ Jesus through his blessed spirit filled messages, which were delivered powerfully and eloquently. His generosity in visiting people daily and spending long hours and praying with the elderly, needy and sickly people have been the hallmark of his spirit filled God fearing life.