Samuel Ernest Paul

Silver Spring Silver Spring USA

Samuel Ernest Paul

Pastor Samuel Ernest Paul, oldest of the three children (one son and two daughters, Esther Brian and Sarah Galbraith) was born into a Christian family, to Elvira and Mithra Paul, on July 22nd 1955, in Hyderabad, A. P, India.

As he grew up he faced many a life's challenges, for the Lord walked with him. He regularly attended church and participated in the church activities. Music is his passion and loved it since he was a child. He is blessed with the talent of music, which he uses for the glory of the Lord. Made over 100 albums of gospel songs.

He answered the Lord's call and accepted him on Aug 15, 1987. Later in 1988 he founded and pastored Tabernacle of God Ministries till he migrated to USA in 1997.

Joined the Free Methodist Church in 1999 and served the Indo-Pak Free Methodist Church from 1999-2003. He was ordained as an elder of the Free Methodist church on Sept 2nd, 2001. Since 2003 to the present he has been serving the Lord at Free Methodist Telugu Church, Layhill, Silver Spring.

His favorite verse in life is 1 Peter 5:6, " Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time." He works with zeal and passion for the Lord. Loves to grow more in his service.

He and his wife Ujjwala are blessed with three daughters Sharon, Shiphrah and Shalom.

His life's goal is to win more souls for Jesus and continue working for the extension of his kingdom, till the coming of the king of kings.