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We are entering the season of Great lent, a very special season in the liturgical calendar, inviting the Christians to mediate up on the mystery of the passion and death of Christ, culminated on the ‘Third day miracle’ of His resurrection!

After a prolonged fasting for forty days, Jesus was really hungry and weak in mind and body. It was on this occasion the devil approached Jesus, testing him. One after another he was persuading the Lord, to jump down from his heavenly kingdom, enjoying the pleasures of this perishable kingdom. For the tempter, the only target was to defeat Jesus. Jesus knew the person who is confronting and speaking to him. He did not succumb to the temptations of the Satan, but rather challenged him pronouncing the power of the word of God; and immediately he was subdued. He could easily get over the situation. It was the Holy Spirit that led him always and everywhere. The church exhorts us to prudentially and faithfully make use of a powerful weapon in our spiritual warfare, i.e. the Word of God.

Let us try and trust on the power of the word at times of our trials and temptations. We know how much we are weak and powerless. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to win over such desperate moments. Let this Lenten season help us to take and read the Word of God with utmost reverence, and pronounce it over our daily temptations, and experience a miracle of deliverance.