Jagdish Uppal
01902 714 469

In 1976, Jagdish and Surinder Uppal were the first Punjabi Sikhs living in Wolverhampton to become Christians, and they have been committed to sharing the gospel, particularly with Indians from a Sikh or Hindu background, ever since.

Jagdish is widely respected in Punjab and in many parts of the UK as well as in Wolverhampton, and he is in great demand. Many have been healed and delivered as a result of his prayer ministry.

Together, Jagdish and Surinder lead the growing Punjabi congregation, which is finding that miracles seem to be the most attractive and effective means of Indians becoming disciples of Jesus. They are happy to work under the direction of their son, Steve Uppal, as senior pastor, which challenges some traditional assumptions but is a great example to the church of mutual respect, honouring the different ministry gifts as well as family relationships. Their two daughters (Sarah Kaul and Naomi Moyo) are also active in the leadership of All Nations.

The Lord spoke to Pastor Jagdish Uppal in 2007 to help His people unconditionally. This is when our Asian Service started. It started with one service a month, growing to twice a month and now happening every Sunday. We don't ask people for money or any form of offering, but we teach about the Bible and pray for people.