Freddy Joseph

Chennai Tamil Nadu India

Freddy Joseph is an Evangelist, an anointed Preacher and a gifted singer. His Tamil song albums titled, "EN MEETPAR" (which means, "My Redeemer") have sold close to half a million copies worldwide (including digital form ). He also serves as a resource person who works across all Church denominations. In the year 1999, while he was on work in Los Angeles, USA, he received the call of God to share the Gospel to the unsaved and to minister to the body of Christ, which he has been faithfully doing since then.

He has preached to thousands and has touched the lives of several people all over the world through his preaching, songs and his life. While his ministry is based in Chennai, South India, he travels extensively inside India and has also travelled and ministered in countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Germany, USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Freddy is married to Caroline and they are blessed with two sons, Nathan and Caleb and a daughter, Edna. For the latest ministry updates and pictures log onto