Dr. Joseph Aldrin

Tuticorin Tamil Nadu India

Dr. Joseph Aldrin
(91) 95005 02076

Raised in Tuticorin, a port town in Tamil Nadu, India, with a loving family of three and spiritual parents in ministry. Dr. Joseph Aldrin never imagined that he would minister for the Lord. As a young man, his training and interests were in singing and music. His father, Dr. Suresh is a homeopathic doctor. Joseph Aldrin also acquired his under graduation in homeopathic medicine and post-graduation in the field of Practice of Medicine. Though his family always encouraged him to grow in the Lord, with his mother Mary Star all the time on her knees, he would politely decline his call until 14th January 2010 when the Lord called him and anointed him for his ministry. Longing to listen to the good news, he ran around everywhere, but all that he could listen to was about a furious angry God, which made him feel hopeless. Thirsty young Joseph Aldrin sought to know more about the Saviour, finally landed up listening to obscure sermons that just made him feel desperate.