Dr. A. Jawahar Samuel

Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India

Dr. A. Jawahar Samuel
Pastor Evangelist
91 – 0422 – 2247488 / 254

Rev. Dr. A. Jawahar Samuel was orphaned at the age of seven, and had a difficult and challenging childhood. When he was seventeen, he fell ill and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him. However, God healed Jawahar Samuel, and at that moment, he committed his life to God and to the service of others.

At the age of seventeen, Rev. Jawahar Samuel witnessed firsthand God’s miraculous healing power, and since then, has continued to be familiar with the power of God. He travels the world prophesying, teaching and living in a constant state of prayer.

He has witnessed God healing the sick by the laying on of his own hands, and he has seen people freed from the clutches of the devil. Rev. Jawahar Samuel leads a ministry that has no desire to set limits on God’s power, and millions of people have seen miracles and come to know Jesus through Rev. Samuel.

Rev. Samuel teaches that every believer can and should have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. It is this intimacy that allows God to work miracles through His children. Where there is a true passion for Jesus, spiritual gifts such as prophecy and healing become realities. The Holy Spirit has enabled Rev. Jawahar Samuel to work tirelessly to see others set free by the irrefutable truth that is Gospel.

Rev. Jawahar Samuel has two children, Ida Bexel Jacob and Daniel Jawahar. Ida is married to Bexel Jacob, and together, they manage the outreach ministries of Love of Jesus Ministry. Daniel Jawahar is an acclaimed worship leader and serves as an evangelist for the ministry. As a man of many talents, Daniel Jawahar dynamically heads the media wing of the ministries as well.