Pastor Deenadayalan was born in Bangalore, India into a devout Hindu family. His devout life did not save him. By divine appointment Lord enlightened his heart to receive Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour in a dramatic way on April 18th, 1973. Pastor Deena is married to Mohana and they are blessed with one teenaged boy and one teenaged girl doing their High School studies.

God has called him for full time ministry from a very highly paying Bank job. He obeyed the call and is impacting the lives of thousands of Hindus and Muslims. He has associated his denomination in establishing 40 churches. The Shekinah Gospel Prayer Fellowship (D.J.Halli Branch) where he Pastors has more than 600 believers and it is a dynamic, purposeful evangelical church.

Pastor Deena is a man of God; who is blessed with many spiritual gifts. In his marvelous ministry God has used him to bring hundreds of souls into Lord's kingdom. Hundreds of people were delivered from sickness demon possessions and witch craft. In his ministry signs and wonders are everyday feature. God has used him to deliver some of the most difficult cases of sickness, demon possessions not only in South India but also in foreign countries. Pastor Deena and his church is always available for all types of prayer needs.

His main concern is to evangelize parts of his country which is bound by rituals, superstitions and darkness. India has a population of one billion and twenty seven million people with only 2% real Christians. India's problems are too innumerable. He feels Lord Jesus Christ could bring Blessings and answer to India's solution for many of its issues.