Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel

Sydney New South Wales Australia

Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel
61 414 316 564

Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel stands alongside Rev. Dr S. Daniel as they share the
messages of God’s love and proclaim the good news to all mankind. In
accordance with the call of God upon her life, Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel preaches
the message of Salvation and the Power of Prayer to all the earth. Her sermons
touch the lives of multitudes each day. Her heartfelt prayers and words of love
and compassion bring healing, hope and victory.

Dr Mrs Ramani Daniel has a strong desire for the youth and families. She
shares her life experiences and teaches the importance and application of
effective prayer in establishing successful lives and growing families in the way
of the Lord. She leads by example, through her life of prayer, by seeking first
the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Every ministry of Trinity Word Church has been established through fasting,
prayers, dedication, commitment and hard work of Rev. Dr S. Daniel and Dr.
Mrs. Ramani Daniel. Each Ministry is spreading the Word and love of God to
the ends of the world. The Daniels continue to work together to share the love
of God with people from each and every walk of life. It is their desire that
everyone should know and experience the love and compassion of God and
hear the message of Salvation that comes only through Christ Jesus.