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Christ for India

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ameson Titus serves as President of Christ for India. He is the son of the late Dr. P. J. Titus and Mary Titus, founders of the ministry. Jameson has served the ministry in many ways from the beginning. In February 2001, he began working for Christ for India on a fulltime basis. Over the years, he has served many roles: office work, board director, and Vice President. Jameson was unanimously elected President of this world-impacting ministry in 2003.

He presently represents Christ for India throughout the world, speaking at mission conferences, churches, conventions, and in small groups. Jameson reports to all the partners worldwide and keeps the communication lines open between them and the ministry campus and its partners worldwide. He also hosts and coordinates mission teams traveling to and serving on the COTR Campus.

Dear Friends, Greetings in Jesus’ Name. It is with great joy and thanks that we come before you to share and testify to you of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

We are thankful to God and we count it as an honor to share what He is doing in our nation of India through Christ for India and COTR College of Ministries. While working abroad, Helen and I received the call of God for fulltime ministry and returned to India to help the ministry which our parents had began in 1981.

Since 2000, we have been serving in the ministry in different areas. We are happy that we obeyed the call of God at the right time and He is using us to build the Kingdom of God. Today the challenges are many, but God in His abundant wisdom is guiding us to do His will. He is helping us in all our ways so that many are molded for God’s ministry, given spiritual, formal, and vocational education, and provided with jobs, food, and shelter.

Our prayer is that the Lord empowers us by the Holy Spirit to continue the vision our father, the late Apostle Dr. P. J. Titus, had for India and to be a blessing to many until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mrs. Mary Titus, Jameson and family, Jyothi and family together share in this great vision to win India for Christ